New Vitae Wellness and Recovery staff are trained to recognize and assist with the challenges associated with balancing military and civilian life. We are proud to share the opportunity to serve the Veteran population, and to work with Veterans to promote a welcoming and supportive environment for recovery. Whether a Veteran is experiencing long-term behavioral health symptoms, a traumatic brain injury, or other challenges associated with his/her military service, New Vitae is able to assist with designing a holistic wellness plan that emphasizes personal preferences. Our supports maintain connections to the community, other Veterans, and Veteran support services.
Veterans who prefer residential treatment supports while receiving all medical services through the local Veteran Administration (VA) clinic have the opportunity to participate in a variety of activities and community based support groups that facilitate peer contact.  Diverse choices are available, and are further specialized to include:

  • 12 Step Support Groups/Celebrate Recovery Groups
  • Trips to local points of interest, including museums, amusement parks, local sports teams, etc.
  • Volunteer Opportunities and Work options
  • Educational opportunities through local/online colleges
  • Participation in faith-based services
  • Residence-sponsored holiday and cultural celebrations
  • Opportunity to serve as a Veteran Certified Peer Support Specialist
  • Opportunity to participate in Lehigh and Bucks County Veteran Peer Support Services
  • Participation on the Resident Council as a Veteran Liaison

Veterans who choose to participate in residential behavioral health services through New Vitae will also have ready access to individual and group therapy as well as psychiatric services, all designed to provide supportive, trauma-informed care. We are able to provide flexible scheduling and delivery of services while maintaining VA contacts and assistance. New Vitae works to match therapy services to each participant, and staff members who are U.S. veterans are available to listen and discuss the experiences of service men and women. We are able to provide services for Veterans who may be experiencing mood disorders, Schizophrenia, co-occurring substance abuse, or traumatic brain injury.

New Vitae provides a supportive space for veterans who are searching either for residential options or a comprehensive set of clinical and residential supports. Both of our personal care homes and our behavioral health clinic pass annual inspections by the VA in order to ensure the safety and well-being of our Veterans. We encourage community ties through supportive advocacy while still ensuring contacts and allies that have been most helpful in the recovery process. We are able to assist with designing services based on individual interests and preferences while exploring scholastic, vocational, spiritual, and other holistic options.

We are a resource to:

  • Veterans experiencing homelessness
  • Veterans Courts
  • Veterans on Assisted Living waitlists
  • Veterans in domiciliary care
  • Veterans in transitional housing programs
  • Veterans interested in community reintegration
  • VA Mental Health Treatment Coordinators

New Vitae Wellness and Recovery staff looks forward to working with our Veterans to identify supports that will assist with achieving their recovery goals.

"Thank you so much for helping me start the healing process in a positive way.  I was apprehensive that the program would be right for me and that I could succeed.  I have been able to reinvent myself as a calmer, happier, sober person."

- Diane A. (former treatment participant)