Specialized Treatment Programs

New Vitae Wellness and Recovery staff assists with designing a personalized recovery plan.  Various clinical, residential, and community supports can be integrated to assist with goal achievement and maintenance of behavior changes.  We have developed our services to be person-centered and welcoming to individuals and families seeking solutions for behavioral health challenges.

We specialize in offering mental health treatment support, customized for those who, because of their experiences, tend to necessitate specific types of care within our community, including:

  • Individuals who have experienced an extended period of behavioral health symptoms: Individuals who have encountered long-term symptoms may have several personal stressors that result in challenging family, peer, and work relationships.  Our various integrated, holistic supports seek to reduce the impact of behavioral health symptoms while linking individuals with work, school, peer relationships, spiritual connections and the local community.    
  • Individuals who have experienced episodes of trauma: Trauma can disrupt relationships, thought patterns, and the ability to manage life’s stressors. Our services are trauma-informed, with clinical staff that specializes in the management and resolution of traumatic events.  Groups and peer-to-peer support are available for survivors of trauma.
  • Veterans: New Vitae works with the Veterans Administration to facilitate services for individuals who have served our country.  We are able to provide supportive residential behavioral health and outpatient clinical supports for men and women who have encountered trauma (including traumatic brain injuries or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) or are experiencing more long-term challenges related to life stressors and other symptoms.
  • Young Adults, age 18 to 25: The challenges associated with reaching adulthood can be impacted by a behavioral health diagnosis. New Vitae staff has established young adult services that specifically match the needs associated with this age group, including scholastic, vocational, and social goals.

In addition to these service options, New Vitae offers specialized interventions designed to assist members with connecting to their peers and achieving personal goals. New Vitae hosts a Rainbow Group, designed for individuals who identify as or are allies of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, or Intersex population (LGBTQIA+). We also offer a Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) group for individuals who may be challenged with managing overwhelming emotions. Our partial hospitalization groups extend a nurturing hand to those experiencing an increase in symptoms, and our certified peer specialist staff can assist with identifying new tools to assist with coping and wellness. The variety we have cultivated in our services is a direct result of our passion for excellent service to others, our belief in positive change, and in response to the preferences of service participants.  Please contact our Admissions department to further explore our services.

"As a staff member, I have learned a lot about mental health and I have witnessed many residents transform from a place of fear and paranoia to becoming outgoing, secure, content and able to hold a job in the community and much more.”

- Cathy K. (staff)