How We Are Different

New Vitae Wellness and Recovery is committed to supporting individuals and their families in selecting effective behavioral health services. Our team:

  • Integrates behavioral health and/or addiction services with residential options to deliver individualized, compassionate care. 
  • Offers a continuum of residential options, including residential group homes, which permit growth as members achieve greater independence. 
  • Supports and utilizes the Recovery Model to encourage self-directed services.  We strive to ensure strength-based care in order to apply individuals’ strengths to navigate challenges.  
  • Provides trauma-informed care choices.  We understand the varying responses to trauma and utilize each patient’s personal experiences to help them in their recovery.
  • Values and encourages the feedback of families, peers & allies, and extends opportunities to support our patients’ loved ones throughout their loved one’s wellness journey.
  • Promotes holistic care.  We call attention to the mind/body and spiritual connection and look to support each individual’s health and happiness.  To this end, our behavioral health services include physician assistance and appointments with specialists. Our residential treatment centers for adults can support a variety of personal goals.
  • Utilizes a team approach that includes a variety of individuals with special skills (such as registered nurses, case managers, psychiatrists, nurse practitioners, licensed and certified addiction counselors, and individual & group therapists) who can guide service participants and help them to be successful.
  • Incorporates educational and vocational support within our continuum of care in order to assist with paid or volunteer job preparation, acquisition, and maintenance.
  • Helps members to discover unique opportunities and connections.  These have included therapeutic horseback riding, acupuncture, 12-Step Meetings, PFLAG, dance lessons, using the YMCA, and local cultural events. Such connections are shown to promote wellness and recovery.
  • Utilizes a variety of evidence-based practices that have resulted in personal growth and successes.
  • Works to eliminate the social stigma that can be associated with behavioral health diagnoses.  We actively plan and provide free educational opportunities to increase public awareness and humanize the face of behavioral health care. We also participate in community efforts to stop the impact of stigmatization.

We invite you to discover how we can match your personal strengths, goals, and preferences with our services. To learn more about our community and how it can change your life, contact our admissions department today!