Comprehensive Residential Treatment

New Vitae Wellness and Recovery specializes in designing various types of residential behavioral health supports, including residential and clinical services, to promote personal wellness and meet the preferences of each individual. 

This “bundled” style of service results in an immersive environment for recovery, and ensures consistent support from caring staff that can assist with facilitating and maintaining positive changes.  Some of the benefits associated with participation in our comprehensive services include:

  • The connectivity of team members, who collaborate to support individuals’ goals
  • An array of services that provide a range of mental health treatment expertise, such as medication management, individual therapy, certified peer support services, and group therapies, including supports for those who encounter difficulty with emotional management (Dialectical Behavior Therapy group), group participation for those in the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgendered, Questioning, or Intersexed (LGBTQIA+) community (Rainbow Group), and those seeking to learn ways to manage significant behavioral health symptoms (Partial Hospital groups)
  • Residential supports that can assist with development of independent living skills, including: personal care, safe boundaries & effective social connections, achievement of vocational & educational goals, and assistance to improve or maintain good physical health
  • 24/7 availability of staff, who work to promote safety for participants during nontraditional hours, assistance and intervention during a crisis
  • Access to the community for safe, recreational opportunities and recovery skill building groups and activities, such as: 12-Step meetings, art classes, therapeutic horseback riding, and other cultural or personal interests
  • In-house care coordination services and benefits management

The individuals who elect to utilize this comprehensive service will have the opportunity to develop skills for independent living in gradual and individualized steps while receiving the supports necessary to achieve a personalized vision of recovery.

The range of services offered in the comprehensive residential treatment service category emphasizes holistic supports and personal preferences when designing plans for care. New Vitae Wellness and Recovery develops objectives related to accomplishing spiritual, vocational, physical, financial, social, and behavioral health goals.

Our connections to our local communities provide us with additional options that can be explored and incorporated into one’s service plan.

Please review our service options online or connect today with an admissions representative who can assist with providing details regarding our comprehensive service options.