What is residential treatment?

Residential treatment provides additional real-time, real-world living supports for individuals with behavioral health, addiction, or brain injury challenges. Residential treatment offers extra service choices when compared to traditional medication management and individual/group therapy supports.

Residents who participate in residential treatment at New Vitae Wellness and Recovery live in well-maintained homes, selecting residence options that include larger personal care homes, 3-person residences, and even independent apartment living apartments. Our staffing size and professional expertise can deliver a variety of supports, including, but not limited to: mentoring, tutoring, pre-vocational work programs, medication administration, care coordination, and social skill building. New Vitae Wellness and Recovery combines these residential services with evidence-based behavioral healthcare, offering holistic goal setting in a variety of situations and circumstances.

What is a typical day like at New Vitae Wellness and Recovery?

Daily schedules vary according to the preferences and individualized recovery goals established by the individual working with his/her recovery team. Depending on the site, program, and level of service needed, medication administration and meal support are available to provide a daily structure and promote personal wellness. Our other services, including mentoring, individual and group therapies, physician appointments, leisure activities, and community outings are also included in daily routines. We offer flexible appointment times to ensure that individuals can schedule opportunities for school, work, and other important family events. Transportation is available in order to arrive on-time for scheduled appointments.

New Vitae Wellness and Recovery offers behavioral health, addiction, and brain injury support services.

Does New Vitae Wellness and Recovery assist with medication administration?

Our progressively independent levels of residential services permit a range of options and assistance with medications. We provide trained staff for assistance with medication administration and education services. Licensed nurses provide oversight to the medication administration process. As each member develops his/her independent living skills and moves through our levels of care, he/she is able to work within a team to gradually increase his/her level of independence in administering medications.

What types of behavioral health supports are available at New Vitae Wellness and Recovery?

New Vitae is equipped to provide a wide variety of supportive care. Personalized services are based on strength-based assessments; the results of our assessments form the basis of an individualized recovery plan. Our attending medical professionals assess individuals to prescribe and monitor medications. Each member works with our team to determine his/her preference for outpatient or partial hospital supports. Additionally, our therapists practice a variety of interventions, including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), Mindfulness Training, and other evidence-based practices. Individual sessions and various group therapy opportunities are available. Various other supports are available, including connecting with a Certified Peer Specialist, and using Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation (CES) services or deep Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (dTMS). We are also able to provide specialized supports to our community of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Questioning, Intersex, and Allies (LGBTQIA+). New Vitae Wellness and Recovery staff members share a strong commitment to person-centered care.

Am I able to combine addiction treatment with behavioral health supports?

Some people who experience addictive behaviors are also challenged with resulting behavioral health symptoms. Alternatively, individuals who have experienced behavioral health challenges may attempt to utilize prescription or non-prescription substances in an attempt to manage their symptoms. We are pleased to be able to offer both behavioral health and addiction services through our Recovery Center. Individuals challenged by addictive behaviors can utilize these specialized recovery services that can include medication assisted treatment (MAT).

What services are offered through New Vitae’s Action Recovery?

Action Recovery services focus on the personalized needs of individuals who have experienced a traumatic brain injury or other long-term diagnosis, including the Autism Spectrum or other Developmental Disorders. Through our continuum of care, residential habilitation and structured day services can be incorporated into a recovery plan that also includes physical, social, and other individual goals. Action Recovery places additional emphasis on consistent community contact in order to enrich residents’ social skills in a structured and gradual, yet meaningful way.

How are medical needs addressed?

Part of our mission is to provide holistic care. We are proud to provide personalized access to medical care both on-site and in the community. Our nursing and mentoring staff provides assistance with scheduling and keeping appointments. The Lehigh Valley and Bucks County provide access to caring primary care physicians and specialists. We will work with your insurance provider to find in-network care to maintain residents’ physical healthcare needs.

New Vitae is also proud to offer nutritional and wellness counseling in-house. Individuals have access to a registered dietician and have the opportunity to participate in exercise programs in order to stay active and healthy.

What opportunities are available to pursue scholastic and vocational goals?

Educational opportunities are offered via on-site tutoring services, local high schools or colleges, and online learning for those residents interested in pursuing their academic goals.

New Vitae also encourages identification of preferences and skills in order to assist individuals with their vocational goals. Our program offers pre-vocational skill building and training in addition to opportunities in our Pre-vocational work program. Many of the individuals we serve begin to return to work in the community by volunteering in a local community agency. We also offer assistance with linkage to the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation.

What is the approved length of stay?

New Vitae Wellness and Recovery has an open length of stay. Both short and long term options are offered. Length of stay often depends on the individual’s unique needs.

What are the costs? How are fees paid?

Residential rates are based on room preference and the level of service needed. Individuals’ income may need to be supplemented to meet the cost of providing residential services. Other behavioral health and clinical service fees may be covered through private insurance, Medicare, or Medicaid. Our care coordination staff are able to assist to maximize all available benefit options.

What types of social, recreational, and leisure activities are offered within your program?

Individuals and staff routinely plan and coordinate events that highlight social, physical, vocational, cultural, emotional and spiritual well-being. Our activities are designed to meet individual needs and create a sense of community.

Some of our activities include: games, Yoga, Arts, music concerts, theater, museums, local shopping, community events, dining out, movies, and classes at the local YMCA. We also schedule hiking and camping trips. Additionally, our annual Cape May trip provides an opportunity for relaxation at the shore. Dances, parties, karaoke, and other events are also regularly scheduled.

How do your services help to keep participants connected with family and friends?

We promote and support contact with family and friends throughout an individual’s length of stay. Home visits are facilitated in order to maintain important relationships. Care Coordinators help to support family and ally involvement via phone calls, emails, and other avenues of communication. Family sessions are also available to provide assistance with navigating these important relationships. We have flexible visiting hours for families and allies. We also provide complimentary family events and educational opportunities in order to promote wellness and share memorable activities with members, family, and allies.

What are the accommodations that New Vitae offers?

Each of our supportive residential options offers private and semi-private options, some with individual or shared bathrooms.  Accommodations are available in enhanced personal care home settings, staffed apartments or in semi-independent living apartments.  Residents are invited to personalize their own fully furnished rooms.

What is DTMS? Does New Vitae offer additional services that can be used with or without medications?

The choice to use medications is personal and frequently difficult. New Vitae Wellness and Recovery has expanded recovery options to include dTMS and CES, which can both be used either independently or as an adjunct to medications. dTMS (Deep Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation), uses electromagnetic fields to stimulate regions of the brain associated with the experience of depressive symptoms. CES, or Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation, which uses a low amount of electrical current, has been shown to be beneficial in treating anxiety and insomnia. These additional services have resulted in reduced symptoms for many service participants.

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"New Vitae Young Adult Services has helped me so much. The mentor staff is great. They are reliable, and always willing to teach me how to do things, rather than just doing them for me. Since coming to the program, I've grown into a better person."

- Tess C. (former resident)