Trust is the most important component in any relationship. At New Vitae Wellness and Recovery, we seek to develop just that – trust between individuals and their families, trust and confidence in them, and trust in our staff. Our team works with each member in order to identify past challenges, and builds a new pathway to future successes. We work to earn your trust through the use of person-first, individualized services that support residential behavioral health, traumatic brain injury recovery, and addiction services, and emphasize evidence-based interventions that adapt to the changing needs of the individual.  We advocate holistic care, highlighting the connections between the physical, emotional, and spiritual health of those we serve.  Our staff encourages and facilitates connections in order to develop supportive peer relationships and the achievement of personal goals.

With more than 30 years of experience in the field of behavioral healthcare and addiction treatment, we recognize the importance of family and friends to our members.  Families, friends, and other allies provide the additional support needed to maintain positive change. As a result, we encourage families, friends, and loved ones to play an active role in recovery services for our members. Our services embrace these relationships by encouraging home visits, providing the opportunity for family therapy, and sponsoring opportunities to create shared memories. Our regularly scheduled Family Day events are a fun way to reinforce these connections while participating in enjoyable activities, while our quarterly training events serve to enrich knowledge and wellness skills of our members and their loved ones. We consider family members, friends, and other allies to be valued members of our recovery teams.

Admissions:  Our admissions staff can assist with navigating the details and designing an individualized set of services.  For specific questions, please contact us.  Our staff will provide a prompt response.

Community: Each of our residential living arrangements provides unique opportunities to explore personal interests while engaging in recovery services.  Our staff members assist with investigating and utilizing service options to help you find your role in our growing community. Please take a moment to review our array of potential opportunities that develop peer relationships and ensure inclusive recovery services.

Person-Centered Supports: Our strengths-based assessment process will assist with selecting services that fit your needs.  Your direct feedback is captured within your individualized recovery plan that will be updated regularly to document your progress.  Our team approach ensures that you will have the services that best meet your needs, and change with you as you progress toward your wellness goals.

Financial Information: Our staff is able to work with you to determine funding source options.

New Vitae Wellness and Recovery teams can assist with making the important decisions associated with your care. We invite you to schedule a visit or make contact with our admissions department to explore our community and find answers to any additional questions.  We are happy to share trusting relationships with members, their families, and their allies.

"Staff are helpful and are always there when needed."

- Ann E. (resident)