New Vitae Wellness and Recovery History

New Vitae Wellness and Recovery has been helping individuals with behavioral health challenges achieve their goals while utilizing a variety of residential and community supports for over 30 years.
Important company milestones can be reviewed using the timeline below:

Prior to 1980: Anne Mills, MSW, works for the Veterans Administration and provided respite care to Veterans in her home.

Early 1980’s: Anne Mills establishes Southampton Personal Care Home and Warwick House to serve the needs of individuals recently discharged from state hospital settings. TriCounty Respite, now New Vitae Wellness and Recovery, recognizes the need to support individuals, families, and Veterans in the context of their communities.

1988: Quakertown House, a licensed personal care home, is opened to serve the needs of community members.

1989: Tri-County Respite leaders initiate participation in local and state chapters of the National Alliance for the Mentally Ill (NAMI); our participation continues to present day.

1990: Residential Services are expanded with the purchase of Mount Trexler Manor, a licensed personal care home in Limeport, Pennsylvania.

September, 1990: Tri-County Respite receives approval to develop a Partial Hospitalization Program; additionally, the New Vitae Incorporated behavioral health center receives its first of many accreditations by the Joint Commission.

1992: Tri-County Respite expands its residential housing services to develop a supported independent living service (TryCo Services, now Pathways).  

1996: Our services grow to develop specialized Young Adult Services , some which focus on education and vocation.

1998: Tri-County Respite is approved to provide Outpatient Services through our licensed behavioral health center.

Late 1990’s – Early 2000’s: Services continue to expand through contracts with various insurance companies, school districts, and various referral agencies.

2003: TryCo Services (now Pathways) is expanded to add additional residential options including 24/7 supervised apartments. 

October, 2005: Tri-County Respite relocates its clinical services to a newly renovated building in Quakertown, Pennsylvania.

2008: Tri-County leadership makes a commitment to modify organization culture and practices to a trauma-informed model of care.

2011: Transformation activities are initiated to incorporate a holistic recovery model that is person-centered.

2012: We continue developing our community outreach goals, including the delivery of trainings for individuals in recovery and their families/allies in addition to the provision of Continuing Education Credits for peers working in the behavioral health field.

2013: As a result of our emphasis on the Recovery Model, Tri-County Respite takes the next step to find and utilize Certified Peer Support personnel while developing other opportunities for peer leadership.

2014: Tri-County Respite is re-named New Vitae Wellness and Recovery to better reflect our integrated behavioral health care and supportive residential services.  We accept referrals from Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, or other areas.

January, 2015: Adam Devlin is selected to serve on the Human Services Committee of the transition team for (then) Governor-Elect Tom Wolf.

April, 2015: New Vitae Wellness and Recovery offers complimentary training, "Trauma Informed Approaches: Creating a Culture of Care," to employees and community members.

May, 2015: New Vitae Wellness and Recovery receives a legislative appropriation from the Pennsylvania Department of Military and Veterans Affairs to provide services to Veterans experiencing symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

October, 2015: New Vitae Wellness and Recovery expands service options by receiving licensure for the Mobile Psychiatric Rehabilitation and Peer Support Services.

November, 2015: Richard Hamp, SGM (Ret.), one of the Directors of the Pennsylvania Department of Military and Veteran Affairs, offers complimentary training, "Understanding Military Culture and Community Reintegration," to better serve and support Veterans in the local community.

March, 2016: New Vitae Wellness and Recovery expands their addiction and co-occurring supports in an effort to provide additional levels of service options to those experiencing challenges associated with substance and/or behavioral addictions.

Late March, 2016: New Vitae Wellness and Recovery is selected to open a forensic Residential Treatment Facility for adults in Philadelphia County.

Late March, 2016: Deep Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation, or dTMS services, are initiated through our Quakertown Recovery Center offices.

April, 2016: New Vitae Wellness and Recovery's Action Recovery Brain Injury program launches to offer a wider array of brain injury services.

May, 2016: Adam Devlin is appointed to the Philadelphia Mayor's Commission on People with Disabilities.

October, 2017: The Action Recovery service successfully achieves CARF accreditation.