Brain Injury Services: Caleb

New Vitae Wellness and Recovery’s Brain Injury Services have facilitated improved daily function, independent living skill development, and social connections for residents.  While each person’s story is unique, we are proud to share the story of one former Brain Injury Services resident, Caleb, who utilized a variety of clinical and residential services to achieve his version of recovery.  New Vitae’s continuum of care was able to assist Caleb with further personalization of services and his successful transition back to a larger community. 

Caleb originally arrived for services in March of 2018.  Moving into the Action Recovery Services in Limeport, Pennsylvania, he initiated services through assessments with Certified Brain Injury Specialists, his individual therapist, and his cognitive therapist, formulating his personalized recovery plan.  Caleb quickly acknowledged a number of past and current concerns that required specialized focus and support.

Caleb engaged New Vitae’s supports after 19 years of service in the Navy and following a stay at both Walter Reed National Military Medical Center and the Gino Merli Veterans Center.  He experienced a very serious suicide attempt in November of 2015 that left him with an anoxic brain injury and multiple years of challenges resulting from persistent symptoms of mental illness. After completing his physical rehabilitation, he was ready to begin his journey back to independence via New Vitae Wellness and Recovery’s Brain Injury Services.  

Caleb participated in specialized supports that were tailored towards helping him live successfully.  He gradually developed strategies that would assist him with increasing his personal independence.  He also developed new coping skills to manage his experience of behavioral health symptoms.  Staff members at New Vitae assisted Caleb with blending his supports, utilizing professionals at the local Veteran Administration (VA) office as well as those in-house, ensuring linkage with long-term service providers.  

Over the course of several months, Caleb progressed to where he required less intensive services.  He moved out of Action Recovery Services and into a bed in one of our licensed personal care homes, Quakertown House. While there, he further developed his self-advocacy and self-care techniques, reporting a desire to do more for his family and to ultimately reunite with his wife and children.  In time, he was transferred to New Vitae’s Veteran Pathways program, a supported apartment program specifically for Veterans.  While living in the Pathways program, Caleb achieved several milestones, including: self-administration of his medication, independent care for his apartment, and finding and maintaining employment.  Caleb even acquired a second job during his final months with our program and was able to earn a living and manage his finances.  

Caleb exited New Vitae’s services early in 2020.  His team members were able to assist with establishing a personalized aftercare plan to ensure continued supports.  Caleb currently lives with family and continues to build meaningful relationships with family, friends, and the larger community.  We are proud to have supported Caleb through years of his recovery process.  

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"I had Major Depression, anxiety, (and) PTSD.  Through deep Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation treatment, the support of my wife, and the care from New Vitae Wellness and Recovery Center staff, I got my life back."

- Mike D. (deep Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation user)