Saying Goodbye to Summer: Veteran Pathways Activities

September 30, 2018

As the summer heat gradually cools down, it can be worthwhile to take a look at some of the activities residents have shared over the course of the warmer months!  Since opening our Veteran Pathways home, our Veterans have been very active, engaging in lots of activities to further support each other and their own recovery goals.

In addition to hiking, fishing, and kayaking, Veterans were able to garden, enjoyed sharing board games, and participated in developing a variety of art projects.  Veterans have only just started to prepare and paint rocks to start a rock garden at various corporate and clinical sites.  Other Veterans are sharing opportunities to be creative while participating in their clinical services via drawing and woodworking, including crafting a decorative sign to hang in the common space.  Veterans also enjoyed traveling to local sites of interest, including the Garden of Reflection in Bucks County.  

During a recent Veteran social, New Vitae Wellness and Recovery was honored to host members of the nonprofit group called BATTLE BORN.  BATTLE BORN works with Veterans encountering behavioral health challenges to assist with achievement of recovery goals.  Group representatives surprised residents with special backpacks and engaged Veterans in conversations about their experiences, focusing on problem solving and skill building.  Veteran residents were so happy with their visit that some plan to volunteer with BATTLE BORN.

In the coming months, New Vitae Wellness and Recovery is excited to celebrate and commemorate our Veterans.   We are looking forward to the change in seasons and are excited to be able to share more photos and information related to our Veteran Services!   



“Mentoring and Activities staff have helped me to enjoy the local community and help me feel safe.”

- Liz L. (resident)