Addiction and Co-occurring Services Have Relocated to Quakertown, Pennsylvania

March 12, 2018

New Vitae Wellness and Recovery’s addiction services have moved!

As of March 12th, 2018, New Vitae’s Addiction and Co-occurring services will be offered through the Quakertown Recovery Center, located at 16 South Main Street in Quakertown, Pennsylvania.  As a result of the move, both behavioral health and addiction supports can be accessed in a single space, reducing travel times and encouraging consistent appointments.

“We are excited to be able to offer a single location for all of our services,” Judith Yanacek, New Vitae’s President and CEO said.  “This move will facilitate the health and wellness of individuals encountering co-occurring challenges and will provide more immediate supports for our planned sober living homes, set to open soon.”

New Vitae Wellness and Recovery has been developing plans for sober living homes in Quakertown over the past several months.  The residences will offer recovering Veterans and others the opportunity to utilize the new residential services without the need to travel to Emmaus for additional treatment.  A sober living environment can promote the peer-to-peer connections that are valuable for those in recovery.

“While we are honored to have been able to serve the Emmaus community over the past several years, we are looking forward to increased connections between our addictions and behavioral health experts at our Quakertown location,” Yanacek said.  “We plan to assist our community to achieve their health goals through our variety of supportive service options for many years to come.”


“I got stronger each day due to the possibilities and strength from being there.  My only regret is that I didn’t find New Vitae sooner.  Give yourself a chance.”

- Belinda J. (former resident)