New Vitae's Zone Decorating Contest Winners

July 6, 2020

In order to maintain safety during the COVID-19 pandemic, New Vitae Wellness and Recovery reshaped our services to incorporate residential “zones” that maintained social distancing standards.  An idea emerged to create a special opportunity to decorate these new spaces!  The first New Vitae Wellness and Recovery Zone Decorating contest gave residents and staff two weeks to create and decorate based on a variety of themes.  Residents, staff, and families then had the opportunity to review each space’s design via pictures and social media clips to vote for their favorites in three categories: top WOW! Factor, Creativity, and Most Detailed.  We are happy to share photos of the winners in each of their respective categories below:

WOW! Factor Winners:
3rd Place: Action Recovery 1: Action Aquarium

2nd Place: Pathways Broad Street: Sports

1st Place: Mount Trexler Manor Y Unit: Under The Sea

Most Creative Winners:
3rd Place: Mount Trexler Manor, Zone 200: Candyland

2nd Place: Quakertown House Annex: Quakertown Corral

1st Place: Quakertown House, Zone 1: Back to the Future

Most Detailed Winners:
3rd Place: Philadelphia South: South Goes to Hawaii

2nd Place: Pathways Jade House: Luau

1st Place: Action Recovery 2: Action Circus

Two zones tied for the highest number of votes – both Quakertown House’s Zone 2: The Irises Castle, and Mount Trexler Manor’s, Zone 100-300: Safari, received a total of 93 votes each!

There were two hundred and thirty eight votes in total from residents, staff, and families.  The excitement associated with families’ reactions to the decorations made the competition even more exciting.  Voting families frequently commented that the entries were all fabulous, awesome, or that they “…all deserved to win!”  Overall, the opportunity to decorate these residential areas while maintaining safe social distancing practices helped to raise spirits, offer an outlet for creativity, and offered a chance for fun competition among the residential teams.  Winning teams received specially designed t-shirts to commemorate the event!

New Vitae Wellness and Recovery is looking forward to hosting additional contests in the near future!  Special thanks to the residents and staff who worked so hard to complete all of our decorations!  Please enjoy some extra photos of our winners in their t-shirts!


“Living in Baltimore some distance away from Quakertown, it is comforting to know our daughter is receiving the special care she needs at The Quakertown House.”

- Coni L. (family member)